William Bennett

One of the foremost musical artists performing today, GIFC Honorary Charter Member William Bennett has raised the profile of the flute to that of an instrument capable of a wide range of tonal colours, dynamics, and expression, giving it the depth, dignity, and grandeur of the voice or a string instrument.

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Walfrid Kujala

Walfrid Kujala is known around the world both for his legendary tenure as piccolo player with the Chicago Symphony from 1954 – 2001 and for his mentorship to myriad flutists as Professor of Flute at Northwestern University (since 1962) and through his numerous publications. 

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As one of the most televised and recorded classical artist performing today, our first Indyflute Honrary Charter Member, Sir James Galway, has made himself a legend, a modern musical master whose virtuosity on the flute is equaled only by his limitless ambitions and vision.

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Claude Monteux

We welcome Claude Monteux as an Honorary Charter Member of the Greater Indianapolis Flute Club.  He was actively involved in planning the Claude Monteux Young Artist Competition, held biannualy by the GIFC at Flute Fest.

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James Pellerite

James Pellerite, former Professor of Flute at Indiana University, Bloomington, will be featured in a lecture/performance of Native American flutes.  As a performer on the modern flute, Mr. Pellerite is well-known as an orchestral musician.

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