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James Galway's Letter to IndyFlute

It has been my wish to begin teaching. Of course this is rather difficult as I spend most of my time on the road. There is a way round it and although this is not teaching on a one to one basis it is the best I can do.

It occurred to me that the most asked question I have put to me is "How do you warm up". Well this is a difficult question to answer so I decided to start putting audio clips up on my web site to show people what I do in my studio to maintain my form.

Of course not everyone has the time that I do to play flute all day.

But even with a little practice you can really improve if you go about it in the right way.

The way of course is by playing your scales and etudes every day.

When I speak of practising scales i am not talking about simply playing the notes of a scale to attain a good finger technique. I am talking of playing your scales in tune, With a well projected full sound.

As for etudes, I am talking about them and getting them to sound like the best piece of music you have played all day.

I have tried to demonstrate this in my little audio clips which can be found on my web site at

I would like to think in the first edition of your magazine someone reading it will be inspired and fired up to take some time to apply my advice to the art of fluteplaying.

I wish you and all your readers a rebirth in spirit and attitude toward learning the flute.

- Sir James

Wednesday, December 6, 2006